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Own again! Consider a short sale and save your credit!

A short sale allows you to stop the foreclosure process , get a fresh start  and own again in as little as 24 months! A short sale also prevents additional damage to your credit score. Late payments and a filed forclosure have already done damage to your credit. . A short sale results in the mortgage actually being paid off, which reflects positively compared to a foreclosure. Also, it is important to note that the short sale does not cost you any money. You can remove this burden for free, and we can help.

Once a foreclosed property is sold at auction, your credit score is further reduced and when the foreclosure is completed via eviction and repossession of the home, your credit will be even further damaged. We can complete the short sale BEFORE either of these takes place and  you can prevent any further damage to your credit score. In addition, when the short sale is completed, it shows up on your credit as a "Paid" mortgage and a cancelled foreclosure, which shows future creditors that you did take care of your obligations. A short sale can help avoid this, but the key is not to wait. Contact us today for a free couseltation.

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